Segments not working, configuration issue perhaps?


We’re struggling to get piwik to return a filtered list of pageUrls for a specific campaign. We used the pk_campaign parameter to track the visits and we confirmed that the activity was recorded by piwik using the following query:

which returns a campaign with this attribute:

=> segment: “referrerType==campaign;referrerName==shastic”

So there’s activity on piwik for the campaign, but when we include the segment in the pageURLs query, the response is always blank:

=> [ ]

Per the documentation, in order to segment a query, you must add something like this to the query:


We believe the problem might be some kind of weird configuration setting that might be preventing us from using it segments.

We appreciate any clue that anyone can provide to point us in the right direction and solve this issue.


Hi there,

You need to URL encode the value, so it looks like: &segment=referrerName%3D%3Dshastic