Segmentos matomo

Queremos hacer un segmento filtrando por una dimensión personalizada de tipo “Comportamiento” pero no se está leyendo bien y no hace bien el filtro.
We want to make a segment filtering by a custom dimension of type “Behavior” but it is not reading well and does not filter properly.

So, you’re using Matomo and having issues with a segment filter that’s based on a custom behavior dimension.

Could you please elaborate on exactly what’s not working? Is there an error message or does the filter just not produce the expected results? Any additional details would help better understand the issue.

The filter does not produce the expected results, for example we filter by a dimension that reads numbers and we filter by the number 2 and it returns “717, 265,…”.
Attached are the images of the filter and the results:

Thanks for your help!

Any update about this @TomCz?