Segment Visitor Possibles List Based on Current Segment View

My first post and already a suggestion (sorry!) :slight_smile:

The ‘segment’ function on the visitor log is cool and I am only just starting to think how it could be used so this suggestion may not work in all situations.

Use Case:

I segment the visitor log using for example VisitorIP address and see all visitors from that IP address (cool!)

I wish to further segment that selection and perhaps choose to do so via VisitorID - to use a specific ID

Now when I do step 2 to make the new segment I wish to make a subset of existing segment but on the pop up list that shows me all possible VisitorID it actually is all possible, what I would rather (and I think makes sense?) is for the list of possible VisitorID to be based on the current view - which would be far less to choose between

ok, perhaps it could confuse more than it helps but it would allow making sub selections within a segment much easier / quicker?

Thanks (and thank you for a great software) :slight_smile:

actually looking more closely, there is an option to create a segment on ConditionA and ConditionB - so in theory is it possible for the 2nd condition list of possible options to be aligned with the first condition

well I’m not explaining it well - but essentially the pop up list of hint options for say VisitorID can be much shorter if say the first condition is VisitorIP (since the VisitorID associated with a specific IP address is generally quite short)

It sounds like a good idea, but practically I don’t think it would work well for everyone (for reasons hard to explain here ;))

ya, I don’t know how people are using piwik of course but it’s just the hint list, it’s not like they couldn’t type in whatever else that they might need that doesn’t appear in the list.

how are people using piwik, there some stuff for instance want to click on a user and see all their past visits - which I can do via segments and VisitorIP / VisitorID but surprised it is not more simple button press to allow this

thanks for your response :slight_smile: