Segment visitIp requires admin permission?

Using Piwik 1.8.2, it appears that users with View permission cannot use the visitIP segment in the Visitor Log (&segment=visitIp== View users get “There is no data for this report.” while an Admin user with the same URL gets the expected data.

I believe (but I am not certain) that visitIP worked for View users in 1.7.

In any case, what other segments are affected by permissions and is there a way to allow a View user to make use of all segments?

not possible but you can manually patch piwiK:

Index: plugins/API/API.php
--- plugins/API/API.php	(revision 6745)
+++ plugins/API/API.php	(working copy)
@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@
 				'acceptedValues' => ', etc.',
 		        'sqlSegment' => 'log_visit.location_ip',
 		        'sqlFilter' => array('Piwik_IP', 'P2N'),
-		        'permission' => Piwik::isUserHasAdminAccess($idSites),
+//		        'permission' => Piwik::isUserHasAdminAccess($idSites),
 		$segments[] = array(
 		        'type' => 'dimension',

That does it, thanks Matt!