Segment Editor access to Visitor IP

Hello gents,

Before adding another report about Segment Editor I want to verify I’m not the only one getting this :

Setting a segment including “Visitor IP is not x.x.x.x” will not work if user in Piwik has only VIEW privilege.

Nor being able to create a new segment with that variable (Visitor IP).

If the same user is switched to “Admin” then the segment works as expected.

Bug or undocumented feature ?


Feature, mentionned in: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

But “view” maybe should work ? did you mean “anonymous” or “view” also didnt work?

Not anonymous Matt, a Piwik user with “View” can’t use “Visitor IP” and that seems wrong.

I also tried creating a new segment with my “View” user with this field and it doesn’t work either.

I don’t give anonmyous access to the installation.

Reading description you give in the link I tend to say “bug”…


Thanks for the report, this was a bug! I fixed it in: Creating a segment using the visitor IP "visitIp" should work for users with 'view' access · Issue #4011 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thanks Matt,

We all like bugs when they are fixed with a single line… :wink: