Segment based on local network visitors (IP)


We’re loooking for a way to create a segment in the Admin UI that will include (or exclude) visitors from our local network.
I read in the forums that it is possible via the API (>=.0 & <=.255).

I tried to do that in the admin UI via the folowwing options :
Visitor IP CONTAINS 192.168.8
Visitor IP CONTAINS 192.168.8.*
Visitor IP IS 192.168.8.XXX

None of these are working (0 visitor…). Do you know a way to achieve that in the admin UI or in the piwik config files ?
I know that we can exclude Ip Ranges from statistics, but we really want to include them in a specific segment.

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I’ve read somewhere (maybe in Trac) that wildcards aren’t supported in IP…

Ah! here: 301 Moved Permanently


Ok, i understood…

Considering that a report is an HTTP API call, you can generate a PDF by typing directly the following URL when connected to the admin UI


It works great.

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