Seeking clarification: will real-time map work if cron set up for reports?


I have looked through the FAQs and browsed the forums to see if I can establish the answer to this question, but I am not 100% sure I understand the model that applies (in which case I would be able to answer my own question :slight_smile: ).

Please could someone confirm if setting up a cron job to process reports as described here and here would impact the real-time map?

It isn’t clear to me if the real-time map information is deemed to be the output of a report or whether it’s simply showing the raw user visits (ie presumably from the piwik_log_visit table) in which case the report automation might not matter?

My set up is to use Piwik on an internal intranet, it has the plugin IntranetGeoIP handling the Geo location of visitors fine and the real-time map currently works well. However I have not yet set up any cron jobs. Our usage in terms of visits per day is not enormous, and hourly update for stats would be fine (especially if it reduced processing overhead). Piwik is actually on the same server that serves the content being tracked, but there are typically fairly few concurrent users. It’s on a linux VM with a local MySQL db.

It’s working pretty well overall; I have had the odd missed event after clearing out old data (which was done a few times during initial acceptance testing) but it typically settles down.

If there’s anything else that would be useful to know, let me know and I’ll get back to you.

Many thanks,


The real time map, visitor log, and real time visitor widget are not impacted by the Cron.

That’s great news.

Many thanks Matthieu: for getting back on this point and also of course for creating Piwik!