Seeing multiple visitors in single session

Hey all!

My company is seeing actions from multiple visitors stitched together into one session.
Basically, I see action from user 1 → action from user two → action from user 1.

The users have different user and visitor IDs, in many cases user 1 has no user ID. I found a thread discussing visit stitching (d4rken’s second comment). Could this be what I’m running in to?

Through the Matomo portal I only see one vistor ID per session, despite actions from different users existing in the session. When querying the data through the Matomo API, each user in a session has a different visitor ID.

As far as I know these users have nothing to do with each other, other then when they opened the app. These sessions seem to have users who opened the app around the same time, so Matomo may be resolving them to the same visit ID? This is just a guess, and if this is true it doesn’t happen consistently at all (this hasn’t happened in our development Matomo server, where QA is switching between testing accounts all the time).

This seems to only be happening on the Android SDK. When I reached out to them, they redirected Matomo’s Industry Support, who then redirected me to here.