See which webpages browsed a visitor with "keyword not defined"


As Google and other search engines don’t provide the keywords used to reach your website sometimes, it would be very useful to know those “keyword not defined” visits which webpages visited (the first webpage visited, or landing page).

With that information, you can see, more or less, what was the search the visitor did.

Also, knowing how many times those webpages where the landing pages of “keyword not defined”, you can see also which where the most searched websites (and assume the keywords used in the search).

As Piwik is very powerful, I suppose that this info is somewhere.

Where can I get this information from Piwik?

Thanks in advance.

No one has ever tried this?

I know this CAN be done within Google Analytics. See here: Keyword (Not Provided) Rewriting Filter.
I would love to see something like this implemented in Piwik too! It’s very helpful to know the page someone landed on from a “Keyword not Provided” search.

I was just thinking the same thing…

We know the visitor has arrived from the search engine…
We know what page they actually arrived at…

…there must be some way for Piwik to therefore report which pages are the strongest “attractors” for searches?

Although we don’t know what they actually searched for, as we know the content of our own pages, we can take an educated guess as to what people may have been looking for based on the popularity of pages reached by search (rather than by other links or direct entry)?

This sounds like a good idea !

And in fact you can already do this analysis with piwik.

Create a Custom segment

Referrer type is “search”

Then go to Piwik “Entry Pages” report. You can see there most popular pages that were clicked from search!

Let me know what you think about this solution and if that answers your challenges. I’d like Piwik to help you guys get interesting info in the new reality of “Keyword not defined”

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