See from which domain someone was forwarded

Hello Community,
how can I track from which domain a visitor is forwarded?

I have 3 domains, two are only forwarded to the main domain?

Main Domain:
Now, visitors opening are automatically forwarded to

How can I now make Piwik show me from which site a visitor came? via a Campaign URL? But where would I place that?

thank you very much!

The campaign parameters have to be attached to the final destination url of the redirects. A bridge page would then have to redirect to XCAPE - faltbarer eScooter / e-Scooter / deutsche Strassenzulassung & TÜV nach §21, Mofa Klasse instead of just “”.

There’s a good chance this question is over my head. But I like to try to help other users, while I’m waiting for my own help. So just in case.

The Referring Website widget shows you which domain visitors come from. It actually can show you the exact page. Although it doesn’t show where every visitor comes from, and I haven’t figured out why not, yet.

I know part of it is about http vs https, and another part is about whether they clicked a link on a website, or came from a bookmark. But still, that would not seem to explain everything.

However, you asked from which domain a visitor is forwarded. If you mean forwarded from a redirect, like from the server or htaccess - I’m not sure if you can learn that.

Maybe I learn more while I’m waiting :slight_smile:

Thank you mediaproweb,
I created these links by using the piwik campaign URL generator

Sounds good, @rschildt. Please mark the answer and the thread as solved.