Security: excluding abusers from statistics

Newbie question: If I install Matomo on my server, what ways and means will be available to enable me to exclude all the abusers (brute-forcers, spammers) from my statistics?

Details: I maintain a server hosting about twenty websites. These sites are subjected to extremely persistent attacks constantly from hundreds of distinct hosts from around the world. I maintain a system to block them very effectively but that doesn’t stop them from trying, unfortunately. So now I’m at a point where they really don’t succeed in doing any harm at all to my sites but they still keep trying very persistently. I maintain a local blacklist so I know their IP addresses (it is updated in real time whenever they attack from a new host). The sites are Wordpress sites with a “Contact Us” form. The attackers are always trying to brute force the websites’ login page or to spam the “Contact Us” form. The ratio of abusers to valid visitors is approaching one thousand to one. Does Matomo have a way for me to exclude these abusers from my statistics?

You can either:

Exclude some user agents:

Use the bot tracker beta-plugin:

Exclude some IPs: