Securing Piwik behind SSL-Proxy impossible?

first of all i want to say that i love piwik and i am very happy that it is available and that it has such many possibilities.
Piwik is wonderful, handy and easy to manage and i use it since the beginning.

But i must say that Piwik definitely lacks a good implementation of beeing used with an ssl-proxy.
To get tracking up and running behind an ssl-proxy is not to easy and to secure the piwik installation behind an ssl-proxy is really pain in the ass.
I am sorry for the “hard words” but i am trying to figure out how to get this running and i cant get it.
The SSL-How-To’s i found are all about “real https”.
I read the ssl-proxy threads in the forums (i would say that there are many, which show that there is a need for an ssl-proxy implementation) but couldnt get a solution for my problem.

I am pretty sure that there are many people who would like to use piwik but get problems with the ssl-proxy and stop trying.
It could be that i dont know about problems or security issues with ssl-proxies which are reasons for no implementation.
I am open to hear and learn about such things if somebody is willing to explain.

Well, enough complaining…

I could get Piwik installed using the proxy but it didnt get the proxy adress automatically.

force_ssl=1 and assume_secure_protocol = 1 seem to work only with “real https” not with a ssl-proxy

Well i managed it with .htaccess to get the urls which are not https to be forwarded to https over the ssl-proxy but the pictures dont show up.

The links to the pictures are… so the is missing after the sslproxy.
If i try to change the paths in global.ini.php under

; the list of directories in which to look for templates
template_dir[]	= plugins
template_dir[]	= themes/default
template_dir[]	= themes

by adding it doesnt work. Actually it looks like as if this is ignored. The paths to the pictures remain the same.

Maybe it is a matter of ssl-proxy and subdomain which makes it even harder to get this running.

Any help would be appreciated.

Greetings alexissorbas