Section reporting

i am an omniture user at work and a few things i find I miss with piwik(awesome product by the way) are.

Ability to track section, sub sections and sub sections2


Section report(folders on level1)


sub section report


sub section 2 report


Also allow results filtering(so if you have a long list and you want to reduce visable results have a filter field.

the filter field would allow some boolean login AND OR and by using minus or the symbol minus allow results to be excluded.

Would make sense that folder report would match numbers to a grouping of like url pages report so if one compares section with all urls therein the results match.

Thanks for the great suggestions

have you tried the new Cog icon and the “Flatten” feature? it is not exactly like omniture but will at least provide a flattened report.

Agreed we should have filtering. Howeever I was thinking not filtering based on the text, but mroe on the visits or pages, for example to hide the low 0.5% of visits when sorting by bounce rate decreasing.

keep feature suggestions coming, esp. with the point of view VS omniture, we are listening!

Hi Matt Im glad you liked some of my suggestions, the section reporting I dont see how the cog will help section reporting as its a fundamental different type of variable. Larger corporate companies(im in the newspaper/advertising industry) the section feature is more important as we have sub channels(sub folders and sub sub folders) we need to measure performance on and not just individual or groups of pages.

if you have 100 plus pages under a grouping then its hard to get a trended report on a group whereas a section is much easier. (Google has the same constraint you need to do a pages report then filter by grouping)

The results filter is great as it allows one to specify result groupings (i use this feature also as I can take one report and by filtering generate a dozen separate types of reports from it.) Great when you have different properties and want to filter results for each based on one report plus filtering)

I have lots of features i would have loved to seen from omniture as i would love piwik to be able to handle the best of both GA and Omniture. (That alone would kick some major butt in the marketplace!)

The best way to help would be to suggest new features but also try to suggest the UI changes and how we could implement it. Often the problem is not how to implement something, but how to integrate it in piwik and do it differently from the existing toolso it’s easier to use - let us know if you have more suggestions or wish to submit mockups :wink:

Hi here is some mocks.

The examples below show how the URLs would look and teh results in the reportlets.

Interesting. Maybe what we could do is implement a flatten feature with different levels, for example flat=1 flattens as now, flat=-1 would do “Section”, flat=-2 would do subsection, flat=-3 sub-sub-section etc. ?

From a flatten perspective for pages thats thats ok as you can drill down, but the section metric needs to be seperate from the pages metric. Right now your page gathers it seems sections and pages in one(makes it confusing as am I looking at pages or folders?) What if i want only folder or pages, which is not ideal as a section report should be based on the taxonical structure of a URL(sub folder architecture).

GA and piwik lack a proper ability to track sections. Often all pages within a given sub folder need to be tracked and then compared.(listed in a reportlet)

  1. news 1,186,308 15.8%
  2. health 1,174,581 15.7%
  3. life 907,709 12.1%
  4. sports 822,928 11.0%


Sub section

  1. blogs/2012 573,849 11.9%
  2. life/astrology 418,241 8.7%

Sub sub section

  1. life/organization/apple-store-0x60ee5 54,597 1.7%
  2. sports/soccer/euro2012 39,444 1.3%

Because you are capturing data on a folder basis you can now capture complete totals and start to trend or compare 2 folders to each other

Site Section 		day 1                           day 2                                difference
  1. health 45,462 15.7% 47,261 15.9% 1,799 4.0%
  2. life 37,397 12.9% 39,734 13.4% 2,337 6.2%
  3. news 36,759 12.7% 43,200 14.5% 6,441 17.5%
  4. sports 30,912 10.7% 33,175 11.2% 2,263 7.3%

These types reports are critial as it saves having to group pages of various URLs do a report, then run another report for a the same pages on different date and compare the 2.

Eventually do a correlations from these reults… open a new dimension to the analysis, speed up reporting for teh end user. Compacts dashboards, matches how large companies do business as tehy sell by sections, analyze by sections and like reporting by sections etc.

Hope i made sense.

HI Matt i reviewed the flattening and well i think that would work with a tweak. The only thing that would need to be done was now a pages report shows all pages and sub folders(if we look at level 1)

The sections report could mirror the pages except all the would need to be done is that pages parallel to the section are not counted.

so if we look at a site built like this = 100PVS = 200PVS =100PVS =200PVS =300PVS

Then the section report would only show(notice since this is top level only folders and their contents are capatured single pages not with in a folder but paralleel to here are omitted.

sectiona =100PVS
sectionb =200PVS
sectionc =300PVS

Sub section would mirror some of the logic.