SearchEnginePosition #502


I am really interested in the Plugin ‘SearchEnginePosition’ #502 (I’m not sure how to call it so here is the link to the plugin:
I have downloaded the plugin, extract in a folder and uploaded in the plugin-folder of my PIWIK-Installation.
But when I go to the plugins in the admin-panel to activate the plugin ‘SearchEnginePosition’ I get many bad Messages:
… and many other error messages everyone beginning with “WARNING: Cannot modify header…”

Can somebody help me with this problem? I am really interested in using this plugin.

p.s.: I hope my Description is clear to understand. If it’s not please ask me about the missing details and I will hurry up to complete them.

Please download and install the updated plugin.

Thanks for the fast answer.
After I downloaded and installed the updated plugin, I no longer get error messages. But it still doesen’t work! With the SearchEnginePosition plugin activatet the searchengine analyses seems to stop. I tested this by searching and visiting my tracked website from another computer: In piwik I can now see the new visitor but no changes in the searchengineresults.
Additional I can’t see any changes in the menu REFERERS → SEARCHENGINE AND KEYWORDS (no new widget and no changes because of my visitor-test).
When I disactivate the plugin everything is ok.

What is to do now? Is it a problem with the permissions?

I still have the problem with the SearchEnginePosition and can’t use the plugin :frowning:
Now I have a second Problem:
Since I have installed the Piwik Update (0.4.2) I am not able to activate any plugin. If I click on the activate Button the ‘Plugins Management’-Site reloads and nothing changed. There is no error message and the plugin is still inactive (it does not matter what plugin).
Please can anybody help me. I really like Piwik and additionally I want to use the SearchEnginePosition Plugin.

It’s me again style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif
The second problem is fixed now. The write permissions of the config files were not set. Now I can activate and disactivate the plugins again.
But the first problem with the SearchEnginePosition - Plugin still exists.
After I uploaded and activated the Plugin nothing is happen. There should be a new widget in the searchengine options, but there isn’t. Why it doesn’t work? Perhaps there is an advice in an error-log. But I don’t know where the error-log is and how to use this.
Can anybody help me? Please…