Search Piwik by IP Address


I have recently setup Piwik for the first time. I would like to congratulate you on such an awesome analytic tool.

I am wondering if it is possible to search / filter out visitors in Piwik by IP Address ?

One of the main reasons for choosing Piwik is the access to the visitor IP Address with the analytic data.

I use Piwik to track some remote UX / User Experience Testers, which i pay to visit and test some new websites we have. We record the testers IP Address with the test results and we are able to match this IP Address to the IP Address of the visit in Piwik. The testers are aware they are being tracked, Piwik helps us to better understand our testers movements.

Currently i am having to look in the Piwik Visitor Log and find the Visitor IP Address of the referring website where my testers will come from, this is fine when the website only gets a small amount of visits per day.

It would be much better to be able to search Piwik for the IP Address, rather then have to manually look through the Visitor Log.

Is it possible that a search can be done in Piwik to search by Visitor IP Address ?

Thank you, and thank you for providing such a great product and analytic tool.



You’re looking after “Custom segments” see with “Visitor IP” basically you can then apply this filter to any piwik view.



That’s great.

Thank you very much for your response it has helped me alot.

Piwik is a very impressive tool.

Thank you again for your response! It is very much appreciated.