Search/Filter by IP Address Widget/Feature

I just started using Piwik a week ago, and it’s been Amazing. :slight_smile:
Though, I looked around for a Search feature, and was unable to find one? Maybe it’s just me, but if it does not exist, this would be an awesome feature.

Something that would allow you to Search by IP Address, to obtain all the actions, visits, pages, ectect done by a specific user/IP address. (filtering by IP)

Also, Be able to search by a domain, to see all the users that visited a certain external Domain.

Would this be something others would find useful as well? It seems like a tool that would be demanded enough to already exist. Using the CTRL+F feature in the browser doesn’t work too well when stuff are buried under on several pages of data.

And also regarding this topic, if the user is a returning user, I think it would be cool if the “returning user” icon that appears beside their IP in the Visits Log linked to a filtered page with only their Actions on it. (filtering by IP).

This is my first post on Piwik, and I did search the page, but didn’t have any luck.

you can use the segmentation api; the ui isn’t done yet… :frowning:

Oh, well I’ll be looking forward to the feature when and if it comes out then. :slight_smile: