Search engine on 1.10.1

I use piwik since few years, and I can’t solve this pb.
on 1.10.1, there’s no search engine, keywords and external sites referers in the dash.
how can I solve this bug?

I use an oldier version on another server and all works fine.

Make sure you have the widgit on in your dashboard. Those are on mine in 1.10.1.

I have it on the dash, but nothing.

Have you tried removing it and then adding it back in? I had to do that with one of mine once, can’t remember which one it was though.

Other than that I am not sure why it would not be. Have you tried looking for any errors in the logs that might shed light on it?

I do it, but nothing.
I see the visitors with a perso php script on my site after a maillinglist.

Have you tried in another browser?

When you installed it on this machine did you check php.ini memory settings and see if you increased them to 512 MB as a test?

yes I try with an other browser, FF, chrome, IE
I put 512mb for test, and the same pb.
I reinstall alsow piwik with a new bdd, and same pb.
I search for the 1.9.x piwik, but I can’t find it on my pc :frowning: and on another server for test.
all works perfect except on dash
external web site
keywords search engine

See these problems do any of them apply to you?