Search Engine Module

Recommending to upgrade Piwik with more functional modules related to the current nature.

  • Search Engine
  • Meta Search Engine

Detailed Features to include/consider


Add a New Engine
Manage Engines
Manage Sorting Order
Keyword Suggestion

Database Engines
New DB Engine
Manage DB Engine
Manage DB Settings

RSS Engines
New RSS Source
RSS Sources
Add RSS Engine
Manage RSS Engines

API Keys
General API Keys
Amazon API Key
eBay API Key
Jobs API Key

Configuration Settings
Basic Settings
Display Settings
Themes Settings
Change Password

Users Role Management

Add New Language
Manage Languages
Manage Engine Names
Manage Messages
Message Codes

Theme Management
Add a New Theme
Manage Themes
New Theme Group
Manage Theme Groups

Priority Results
New Priority Results
Manage Priority Results
View Keywords
Priority Settings

Family Filter
New Keyword
Manage Keywords

Ad Code
Sponsored Links

Web Master Tools
Search for Websites

Piwik Statistics
System Statistics
Engine Statistics

Manage Cache
Delete Old Cache

Piwik Conversions Rules
New Conversion Rule
Manage Conversion Rules