Search Engine Keywords Performance plugin on Matomo with proxy internet access?

Is it possible to configure Matomo or the plugin to download the search data via a proxy server as our servers including Matomo doesn’t have internet access.

@rdvictor Unfortuantely, it is not possible without internet, as Matomo need to call some domains over the internet to download the info. If you can whitelist the domains needed for this to work, we could provide you the domains.

Hi, I can whitelist them if there is a way to have matomo go through a proxy server. Does Matomo have that functionality or could PHP be configured for it somehow? The network team will only give me access through proxy servers.

I did find the proxy settings in config/global.ini.php so if you can provide the domains that needs to be whitelisted that would be very useful.

I had “” and “” added to the proxy whitelist and I am redirected to Google for Oauth authentication but when I return to the Matomo page I get the following error

"An error occurred within the OAuth process. Please try again and ensure you accept the requested permissions.
cURL error 60: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates (see"

but is there any way I can see which domain actually giving that error by turning on some kind of debugging? The public CA’s should work the CA for the matomo certificate should be trusted as well, are there any other domains that needs to be whitelisted?

Hi @rdvictor.

You might also need to add ‘’, as that one is used to validate the oauth tokens.

Let us know if that fixes you problem.



I managed to solve this just a few minutes ago and I can only blame myself as I put the wrong CA-file in php.ini which only contained our internal root cert so Matomo couldn’t validate Google’s cert during the Oauth process. But I’ll make sure to add ‘’ as well just to be sure.