Search engine in external site widget?

I’m a bit tired of seen this happen :

Sometimes i can see the full URL with all parameters including the keywords used.
Sometimes it say the visit comes directly from the main page of Google.
I think it happen more with the flavor.

PS: We can’t post links, can’t post images hosted elsewhere and the attachement system doesn’t work; it say to contact forum admin. So, copy the link to see the screen capture i provided.

If you can pull the referrer string from your web server log, it’ll tell us whether or not this is a bug.

It seems that my hosting was not keeping log for long.
I activated their archiving.
From the infos i’ve read, it seems it will be done four times a day.
Archives will be kept a month.

So, i’ll have to wait for the next time it happen.

I the mean time, i also have some visit that report the following as ISP :

Could it be that piwik doesn’t handle TLD with 2 dots correctly in the code that check for the ISP website ?

The default Provider plugin is naive in determining the provider (ie limited to TLD with some exceptions, as I recall). There’s an enhancement in Trac that’ll use the Public Suffix List.

I’ve been experience it, and don’t how to do deal with it, hope someone knows what to do…

I just had another occurence of the “bad” referal.
But this time is was
In the server log, it say exactly the same thing.
That must mean that it’s the browser of the visitor that isn’t reporting referals right.
So, Piwik might not be able to do anything.
I think that i’ve used in the past a browser that could be set up to not report any referer.
Maybe Opera, but all at the date of that visit, there was only visit using IE, Firefox and Safari.

So, sorry to have brought up another problem that can’t be solve. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif


We can easilly find some Firefox addons for altering referer :

this is most likely a spoofed referer request. If you see it happening, please report here the full referer URL as found in your piwik_log_visit table, field referer_url

All google reference like are viewed as external link and not like bot link.

Is it possible to fix this issue ?