Script to update multiple Piwik-installations at once


Basicly it’s as the topic says - I want to be able to update multiple installations of Piwik (on different servers) at once.

I have full access to all superusers.

I have a script to run on a server to update a single installation on call-up, but I don’t intend to use it, due to it being a huge security-risk.

Mainly I need to know how to login via the script (what gets/posts to use send manually using Jquery or w/e) - as I already have the link to launch the automatic update once logged in (a single call-up after the login would be sufficient due to that).

I am asking this, because I don’t to breach Piwik’s security-measures as such, I don’t want to breach into sites I have full access to :wink:

So long

Edith: Login-data would be filled in dynamically using a DB, not static within the script