Scheduled Reports Not Sending - Windows Server

I’m using Matomo 3.3.0 on Windows Server 2008R2

I’ve created various reports, and they send manually without any issue. However, the scheduled sending is not working. I’ve not set up archiviing, and ideally don’t wish to - these are not busy sites.

Is there anything I need to do (e.g. set up a windows task) to send the reports in Windows?

Hi theFlash,

I was stumbling across prety much the same issue. From my understanding you need to fire up the
scheduler manually e.g. running: php.exe X:<>\Matomo\console core:run-scheduled-tasks
You might want to use --help to get some more info first.

This then can be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler.
Hope this help although a little late :slight_smile:


The scheduled reports should be sent automatically as long as you have setup the scheduled task/cron as explained in: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if you experience issues receiving emails from Matomo, see this FAQ: Emails from Matomo are not being sent, how do I troubleshoot and solve the issue? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo