Schedule Email Reports not working

Hi Folks,

Piwik 1.12 does not appear to be sending reports automatically. I have several websites set-up to send html reports on a weekly basis Monday at 8am. If I manually click the “Send Report now” option, I receive the email instantly. Is there an issue with the scheduler?

Many thanks in advance, Oliver

try using “period = day or week or month” and not “Date range” ? or try to remove “Visit by day of week” report from the list of reports included.

Thank you, I think it may have been the “Visits by of the week”. Thanks again, Oliver

Not working for me.
I have made changes mentioned above.


I have to say that it has stopped working for me of late. I have attached a screenshot of the settings. I have set the report to email me at 6am weekly. I have left it all day to see if it was just a time issue but no difference.

However when I log in to Piwik and click the option to send the report now, I then end up with 2 copies sent to me.

It would be great to find a solution to this.

Thanks in advance,


I am not able to reproduce the error. if you can reproduce the bug in a new piwik installation and send me instructions then I will reproduce and tryto fix.