Scaleway and NAT system/private IP : how to show real visitor IP?


I have a server at Scaleway
They are using a custom NAT system (proxy?) and on the Piwik log, I always get the internal server’s IP instead of real visitor’s IP

I have found on the FAQ entry Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo but it doesn’t work.

Is someone here found a solution for scaleway server, and if not, is someone can help me to find the issue ?

I don’t know but they are probably using a load balancer.

Depending on how you log through Piwik (JS or Apache Logs) There are a couple ways to get this working.

For Apache Logs look at

For JS it becomes a little more involved. The best idea is to use a IP lookup service to determine the router WAN IP (You don’t want a users NAT address behind their personal router) then send that via a Piwik JS API call. See for help on getting client IP.

Thank you, I will dig in these ways :slight_smile: