Save add website info

Couple things.

This is a f’ing awesome project. You guys did really good. I thought it over for a couple days on which direction I should go Piwik or GA and came to the conclusion that I want to control the info and not someone else.

I downloaded this new and installed last night in literally 5 minutes. I added mine as a subdomain so I can give access to different users…anyways I found only one issue.

Under super user (since I have not created others yet) When I go to add another website…the data does not get saved to the mysql database when I hit “save”. I can go into the database itself and add the info manually via phpmyadmin and it shows in Piwik, but the save button does not save.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Click on the green circle in the table row that you’re editing to save.

After further review…the green circle was not on the visible page. The page is wider than my monitor and tab order never took me to the green circle. I apologize for what appears to be a waste of time.

vipsoft - I appreciate your time in posting and the wealth of knowledge you supply to the board.



No worries. This has been a source of confusion for many. I believe Matt has implemented a fix in the upcoming 1.2 to make this more prominent / self-evident.

Nice - worked for me. I saw the green circle, but was too dumb to figure out what it was. :slight_smile:

Could this be added to the documentation somewhere? (to click the green check circle to the right when adding a domain/subdomain.)

Thanks. Truly awesome.


Next version has big “Save” buttons – one replaces the green circle; another is in the first column of the row so that it’s harder to miss.