Same User Id and different Visitor Id messing up on Visitor Log



I am trying to set up two different visits coming from the same iOS App.
I’m running a custom version of the Tracking IOS SDK and to send two different visits from the same user I’ve created two different Visitor Id from two different UUID stored in the device.

I’ve also sent batch requests in two different time to avoid any issue with the Visitor id.
Both the requests are set based on Tracking API Documentation and they all work fine.

With a Visitor Id I’m tracking the user interactions with the application while with the other Visitor Id I suppose to track iBeacons interactions.
To do so I’ve also set a visit custom variable named alias with a different name based on the type of visit.

At first on the dashboard I can see the two visits as separate which is the result I was expecting, but after a while they end up to be merged as a unique visit.

Somebody knows why this is happening?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there, I dont think Piwik can merge visits together. Can you check your Visitors > Visitor log for more info about your visits there?