:S[Help] Tracking campaign doesnt work

Dear all,
I’m using the latest version of Piwik (version 2.0.2) and I want to track the email campaigns. However, I did follow the instruction (Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo) but when I go the Reference->Campaign and there is nothing in the report. I tried to change the date range but it still has nothing in the report. Can anyone help me why I cannot get the report in Campaign tracking?
Here is the steps I did.
1- I use URL builder and create a url with pk_campaign and pk_kwd (just make sure the url is correct)
2- I took that url and send it to my friend’s email -> ask him to click on that link
3- after that, I go to the campaign report in Reference tab-> nothing in there

I also read the FAQs about Tracking campaign from Piwik website, but there is nothing can help me at there.

I would appreciate all help from you guys. Many thanks.

Do you see your friend’s visit in the Real time visitor, or in the Visitor Log report? if you see his visit but not tracked as a campaign, let me know

Dear Matt,
Yes, I saw his record on the Visistor log. I mean all other things are working fine, except the campaign tracking.
Here is my link
The Visistor log still is able to record the who visit the site, but nothing in the campaign tracking.

It should work… Not sure… did you see this? Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo