Run console core:archive after every


we are new to Piwik. We try to import historical logfiles via In general it seems to work fine, but the console core:archive takes a very long time. See:
“INFO [2017-12-06 14:47:07] Archived website id = 4, 4 API requests, Time elapsed: 512.013s [3/4 done]”
(The log file has been split into chunks of about 5000 lines. We import each chunk separately.)
In fact the site (id=4) is not even the one we are importing - thats (id=5) and is quite fast (3-4 seconds).

Is that “elapsed time” extraordinary? What might be a reason? Do we have to run the archive-process after every imported log-file? If we do not run the archive-process, do we just “sum up” the required time?

Thank you for your advice.