RSSRender Error while viewing Piwik pages


I have recently installed Piwik 3.0.2 and I am running into an issue when trying to access my Dashboard and subpages. The line number for the error sometimes changes, but the error is:

WARNING: /var/www/html/piwik/plugins/RssWidget/RssRenderer.php(47): Warning - simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 2483: parser error : AttValue: " or ’ expected - Piwik 3.0.2 - Please report this message in the Piwik forums: (please do a search first as it might have been reported already)

Looking elsewhere on the forums and Google has led me to try resetting the permissions on my Piwik folder, tmp, cache, etc, and it will seem to work for a bit, but ultimately the issue returns.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!