Round percentages

I often see in Piwik percentages with quite many digits after the decimal point, like:

34.779998779297% overall conversion rate

I think that the information is not really as precise as it appears to be here, given the unavoidable sources of error in data collection and interpretation. At least as normal user I don’t usually need this precision. “34.78%” would probably do the job and it is much easier to read.

I think this is a regression. I’ve filed this under

where do you see such percentages? I can’t replicate it on 0.9 in the demo:

I see them in the Goals tab for the overall conversions rate and for the conversion rate of a specific goal for all of my websites in that installation.

I also use 0.9. Server configuration, PHP 5.2.14:
Browsers used are Firefox 3.6.8 and Safari 5.0.1…

Other percentages like on the visitors tab, overview, work fine.

boggle I can’t reproduce this either.

I sent a link via PM to Matthieu where to check it, will send it to you too.

PS: I have now checked from Windows XP (Firefox) and found the same problem. So it is apparently not OS-related.