Revert to previous version

hello. just tryed the auto update from 3.1.something to last version (3.5.something)
process endup with error 500 as i dont have proper php version installed. and now my tracking is not working anymore. how can i revert to previous version ? i guess the update process didnt go far, maybe its just a page or variable to replace ? thanks for your help

ps to matomo team: is it just me or its just badly designed updater, considering that there should be a minimum check if system requirements are available, instead of breaking working installs…? :frowning:


I’m a bit confused. Matomo 3.5 is many years old and hasn’t been supported in ages

If the updater didn’t yet update the database, you can just replace the files with the old ones from

This is exacly what Matomo does (but I don’t know if it did this four years ago)

yeah im confused too…i think my version was 1 year old (3.14.0 or 3.14.1). there was the update link activated, so i clicked on it and no check have been done, it has launch the update directly and dang…pretty annoying…


In that case it was probably the update from 3.14 to Matomo 4.

Keep in mind that all PHP versions not supported by Matomo 4 are also unsupported by the PHP team and therefore you don’t get any security updates unless you are paying someone to backport them)

yep i dont remembe exactly which version was proposed…anyway, im trying to revert and will think to change server soon. meanwhile, can somebody tell me what is the last version compatible with php 5.5.9-1, i couldnt find the info online

thank you for your help


all Matomo 3 versions support PHP 5.5.9 and higher (

Just keep in mind that your PHP version was released in February 2014 and has 5 pages full of vulnerabilities on (including a few 10/10 ones)