Returning visitor - view all visits

Hi Piwik users

When i hit the returning visitor icon i get always;
There is no data for this rapport

Do i have to install or activate something?


Hi, I have the same problem. I use Piwik 1.10.1, Apache/2.2.23, Php 5.4.10. Any help appreciated.

Please wait for next 1.11 release where I improved how this works a bit!

Hi, I just updated to the new release, and it still doesn’t work. Or will it work only on returning visitors tracked by the new release?

Works after the update 1.11 here like a charm! Also older visits

Thanks! now i can exactly track the visits of my rival

OK, I did some experiments, and here is what I have found:
[li] if I choose periods like “today, yesterday, current week, current month”, it works
[/li][li] if I choose periods like “Previous 7 days” or “Last 7days”, then it doesnt work.
Is this expected behaviour?

Oh ! I think you found a bug. Please check if you can reproduce on the demo, and if you can pls create a bug report at:

Is there an update on the status of this feature?