Returning visitor not correctly working?


Hey guys,

i use piwik to track user access on my website. I’m specially intererested in returning visitors, so i export the user-logs as csv to excel.
Now i’m wondering about some special cases, where this function doesn’t seem to work. In most of the cases, piwik recognizes a returning visitor (i think using the visitorId and some other things, like i can read it in the FAQ), but there are some entries like this one:

idVisit visitIp visitorId visitorType actions serverTimePretty
764 | xx.154.222.237 | e46f26401525c6c3 | new | 3 | 13:52:35
772 | xx.225.183.250 | e46f26401525c6c3 | new | 3 | 13:53:13
780 | xx.225.37.71 | e46f26401525c6c3 | new | 2 | 13:53:58
784 | yyy.25.90.65 | e46f26401525c6c3 | new | 3 | 13:54:04

Furthermore each visit uses the same browser, OS, resolution, plugins, etc. It looks pretty like the visitor used some kind of TOR or a similar product to route his packages over different proxies. But the fact is, that piwik doesn’t seem to recognize, that every “visit” is done with the same visitorId?

Kindly regards

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Thanks for the report. I also noticed the same thing and created a ticket yesterday - Regression: duplicated visits are created when IP is different every page view · Issue #2785 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Stay tuned and post your feedback there also, it will be nice to have several testers


Do you need any further information?


Is there any process to be reported?