Returning Visitor log

I would like to track when returning visitors visit the website. Example

11-1-12 visitor comes to web site clicks through out the website then leaves.
11-5-12 visitor returns to website ( this visit gets grouped with previous visit info) clicks through website (looking at the same items or maybe not) then leaves
11-7-12 visitor returns again ( again grouped with previous data)

The reason i want to see this data is if people are coming to my site looking at the same items but not buying. Then lets says i lower the price of the item and these returning visitors come back see price is lowered and buys.

I want to be able to track when the returning visitor keeps looking at. Then maybe see if by adjusting the price that it get them to inquire on the item or buy it.

So is this feature out there? is it an add on? Thanks for the help