Return Custom Dimension Values within an Event API

Hello, is there a way in the Reporting API to return custom dimension values per event/action? I know you can create segments to get actions where a certain custom dimension value was set, but all that returns is just the amount of times that action was set with that certain custom dimension

What i want for example is to get an event, which will return nb_hits and all those usual metrics, in the JSON string,but i want also want customDimension1: value1, customDimension2: value2 etc. within that string.

This is since i set multiple customDimensions when I track events, they are dimension such as ID’s and Title, Area etc. So when i am getting events, i would like to know ALL dimensions that was set with it. So when i am grabbing the customDimension set for ‘ID’, where event = favorite, i also want it to return the customDimension ‘title’ of that content which i set.