Retroactively apply filters to reports

After adding IP addresses and user agents of bots to my filters, I found that visits from the bots still show up in my reports.

This makes it hard to compare reports from before/after adding the filters.

Implementing one of these would be nice:
[li] After adding/modifying a filter, ask users if they want to apply the filter to existing data. If confirmed by the user, mark visits that match with the filter as ‘hidden’ to not have them appear in reports.
[/li][li] Add an option in reports for users to show/hide visits that match the filters.

According to Matthieu, when reprocessing the reports from logs, as described here, filters are not applied. As a start for the above mentioned feature, applying the filters when reprocessing logs, could be a start. Now there is seemingly no way to clean up polluted logs.