Retrieving data from Ignored IP adsress

Is it possible to retrieve data from an ignored IP address? I accidentally ignored an IP address I should not have :unamused:. Is it possible to retrieve this info afterwards?


If you ignore a IP the data is not handled in any way (it wouldn’t be ignored otherwise).

But there might still be a way for you to get the data.
If you still have the access log of your Matomo server? Then you could take a look at a quite hidden Matomo feature. It can replay the requests sending the data to Matomo as explained here: How do I replay the traffic to Piwik and ingest logs of matomo.php (or piwik.php) requests? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for your reply. I do not quite understand myself, but am sure that someone here does. Will certainly look into it!

Glad to know about it. But I will keep an eye here. thanks!