Resume archiving, but ignore previous started queue

I migrated my Piwik instance (version 2.17.1) from one web and MySQL server to another.

I migrated the archive tables as well, since when I tried to re-archive from scratch, it kept running out of memory or losing the database connection when it did the “year” archives.

Now I’m trying to resume archiving. I thought it would be safest to re-archive the day/week/month values, in case they got out of sync during the move. So I ran:

php console core:archive --url= --force-all-websites --force-periods=day,week,month

But instead of re-calculating all of my sites, it skipped several, with the message:

Will ignore websites and help finish a previous started queue instead

How do I get it to ignore this “queue” and re-archive everything that I specified? The FAQ isn’t particularly helpful with this.