Restore/DR process - broken homepage links

Hi all,

I am writing up some documentation for our team on a restore process for matomo 3.9.1 that we use to test UX changes along with some stats tracking.

After following the steps in the backup/restore guide I found some parts of the page aren’t getting rendered as links: image

Has anyone seen this before?

Also the backup and restore process took quite a while (the DB was about 10GB in size) I wondered if anyone else had a recommended DR plan for their installs (due to how our product loads it is required to be self-hosted)


I don’t have a lot of time to look into this right now, but this reminds me of the bug that happened when you used PHP 7.4 with a Matomo version that did not yet support 7.4 (and fixed this).

This is the fix in twig:

And it should be fixed in Matomo 3.12.0:

Yup, I downgraded the version and it worked shortly after this post :slight_smile:

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