Restart Session Recording

Out first attempt has reached the limit of 100 sessions and in the manage sessions list it status = ended I have changed the limit to 250 how do I restart the recording.

Also where are session stored on server to monitor storage ?

Hi Paul, once the recording has ended, you cannot restart it currently. Unfortunately, you need to create the same recording again. I’ll add a new feature to our todo list to add a button to basically create a new recording from another (previously ended) recording.

Thanks Thomas, directory where sessions files stored are they large files ?

They are stored in the database and aren’t too large. The exact size depends on the website and the number of average page views. We store them efficient to minimize needed space. For example we compress them (like a zip) and we re-use the same stored recorded HTML again when possible. Also when you delete recordings later, they will be completely removed. So even storing 100.000 and more recordings are likely no problem.

any news on this?
I would also like to either restart an “ended” session recording or, how you suggested, easily create a new one.

@fritz1 AFAIK there is no restart feature just yet. Be good to get in touch with our support about this: shop at