[RESOLVED] Javascript percent

I found a solution (a few dirty but it works) :

I’ve been very surprised (positivly surprised) in seeing Piwik include a noscript alternative (Google Analytics do not).
But there is no stat with Javascript enabled percent in the plugins page (or I have’nt found it)
However it would be easy to count how many visitors load the and how many load the (and the image).
If it doesn’t exist, I could try to create this plugin.

I try with the customs values. This is very interresting and that could work if it was possible to set a costum value for the alternative .

Don’t forget to set the rec value for the image tracker at all.

Yes I did it. But I don’t find how to count the visits with JavaScript enabled and visits without.

Thanks for the answere.

I’ve just tried with severale proxy web. &rec=1 doesn’t work ! I added &rec=1 at the end of the URL of the image in the noscript and when I load my page with a proxy, the visit counter does not increment, but if I uncheck the “Remove Script” option of the proxy, the visit counter increment normaly.

Is’nt it a bug ?

At least, I managed.

I added this code at the begening of piwik.php :

Use “_cvar” for the Visit scope or “cvar” for the Page scope. (And replace 1 by the id of the custom value.)

And I added &rec=1&nojs at the URL of the alternative image.