Reports data not displayed from Second Domain - Load balanced environment

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #1

Hello Matomo team. Need some help and direction on how to troubleshoot this issue.


Configured 3 Matomo web servers (A, B, C) for tracking requests behind a load balancer (URL - From the application the tracking JS API’s call this URL for sending tracking calls.

Configured another Matomo web Server (D) for reporting purposes again behind the load balancer (URL - This is needed only for checking the reports and usage logs/analysis.


When viewing the Matomo UI through -, the data is displayed for all the sites configured in it.

But when trying to view the Matomo UI through -, the data is not displayed. However all the sites are visible.

The Login credentials used for both the URL’s is superadmin only.

Cron jobs are setup to process the data for, basically the archive of the data.
We have also tried to reprocess the data with to see if we are able to get the data from that URL, but no luck.

Any pointers to troubleshoot the non-availability of data in would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #2

@matthieu, Can you please help if this is by design? Or archiving process should refer to the new site? If the later is correct, then is it true that I can only use only one website at any point of time to check the reports?

Thanks in advance.

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #3

Thanks Matomo team. This turned out to be an issue with the servers date times are not in sync. We have corrected the dates and that resolved the issue.