Reports and Dashboard won´t open in Chrome

Hi, I use the wordpress-plugin on my own (hosted) server using Wordpress 5.9
When I try to access the the report- and tag manager it doesn´t work, the result looks like this.
It works in Safari, though.
Any suggestions what I can do to make in Work in Chrome?

Best, Markus

Hi @UnserWaehring

It looks like you have a problem with the css files in your dashboard.
Can you first try to empty the matomo cache from the menu Matomo Analytics > Diagnostics > Troubleshooting?
If it does not solve the issue, could you give us the detail of your error? You can get it from the developer tools of chrome.

Kind regards


Hi, thanks for your support, that´s very much appreciated. And I am afraid that this is way above my skills.
I emptied the cache bur nothing changed.
Attached you find a screenshot with the window of the developer tool.

best, markus

Finally I found the reason: After switching off an Ad-blocker everything started to work. Thanks anyway for your support!