Reporting Page URLs

I am very new to Piwik. That said I was able to install PHP, MySQL and Piwik and getting things running fairly quickly. My problem is extracting data for the sales and marketing. When I look at Page URLS on the GUI, I can click to see the details below as shown in the attached screen shot.

However when I ask for the report detail in XML, I get the following which only contains the high level pages/folders.

/index 1 1 1 48 1 1 2 49 0 48 0% 0% english 1 1 0 1 0 0% 100% 1

How do I get the detail shown in the screen shot in the report. Alternatively is there another way to track the page accesses to get all page urls at the same level. I had to do something different to track outlinks on a page where the content was dynamically generated by Javascript.

Any assistance that is provided to point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

You can add &expanded=1 to show all levels. Unfortunately at this stage there is no way to get “all” urls at the same level

Hey Matt,

That did the trick for me. I will just traverse the nodes to create a complete page URL for reporting purposes. I did not clue into the parameter in the documentation.

One follow up question on this same topic. I originally was trying to get daily reports using the email report facility. I started looking at the API because I was not able to get a detail listing of the pages in that report. I have gone back into that section of the GUI and I can not find an expand option there. Is there an option in the email report automatically expand the page urls.



See feature request PDF/HTML Reports: Expand Actions reports (and some others) by default · Issue #2137 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub