Reporting - Get how many users committed a specific event more than once

I’m trying to get the number of times users have committed a specific event.

In order to get the userIds, i have done UserId.getUsers with a segment of “eventAction==” being the specific event im trying to measure on.

This returns how ever many users. and then i would loop through the userId’s recieved and plug it into a query of Events.getAction, with the segment of “userId==” with the userId recieved. This then gets me the AMOUNT of times the user has commited this event. This gets me how many users committed the event…however i want the number of times they committed it…soooo

Another call is done how ever many times there are users. for example first call gets 40 users, so then i would carry out the second call 40 times each for every individual id.

I ideally then loop through all 40 and find which of these 40 has committed the event more than once.

Is there a better way of doing this, i.e bulk request? (which i have done but…
thing is im currently returning 500 or so users who committed the event, so imagine the second call being done 500 times. All this to get who of the 500 committed the log in event more than once)

Any masters out there that can help? thank you