Report unknown browsers

Congratulations to the pwiki team for the smooth installation, from the installation to the importing log in a good time. (not the 5 minutes unfortunately as I had to install some of the requirements :slight_smile:

My use case is to monitor some continuous integration related tools like a sonarqube service.

With awstats I can go to the “Unknown Browsers” report and see a list of all the unknown clients.
Is there a way to see such report in pwiki?
In the same theme my preferred solution would be to list all clients instead of trying to divide them into known / unknown browser, would that be possible?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you need to use the “visitor log” ? Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks matt,
I looked at the visitor log and yes I found it lists all the requests and they will have the information like “Not-Bot: Sonar Maven/3.0.4”, but I stilll would like something like the Visitor Browser widget to show the stats instead of manually looking at them.

I found the code where the browsers seems to be parsed and will have a go to see if I can add a known browser family “Maven” there so it shows them as known browsers.


Has piwik been extended to support auto detection and addition of other Visitor Browsers?

If not, how can we manually add some?

Current version 1.12.


Yes you can add new browsers. The process is quite easy if you are familiar with code. See for example this pull request which adds TV detection: Refs #3505 DevicesDetection plugin - provides detection of TVs by Solfire · Pull Request #147 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

if you have other browsers to detect please consider doing pull request with your change!