Report Not Sending


I have PDF reports to be sent to me every week.

Do I need a cron to fire this operation? If so, what file do I call?

No cron job needed. Email reports use mail settings from Php. Check out this thread for some helpful steps in troubleshooting 301 Moved Permanently


Looked at it. I have no problems sending email from my server. tmp/assets is writable, I can manually send a report and not have any problems. The report is then stored in the tmp/assets folder as well.

Any ideas?

Which version of Piwik are you using?

The latest 1.8.4.

I apologize, I should have read clearer. For automated weekly reports you need a cron job. The cron job will trigger archiving of your site, but will also execute all scheduled tasks (including generating and sending email reports). To set up a cronjob, this document should help get you started: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo


For setting up the cron in cPanel (which I totally know how to do), just a couple of quick questions on that:

why is the URL required for that in the cron line?
what kind of results will be in the archive-output-log?


Here is what you are looking for: Piwik Auto Archiving.

The log just gives you info what the cron actually did, how long it took and any errors encountered. It’s quite informative.

Technically, automated emails should also be sent without cron job, as the “cron” is triggered automatically by visitors to the site. but sometimes, it does not work, mostly for permission problems I believe. Can you give write permissions to tmp/assets/* if not done?