Report -- csv -- Sub category export

(insomnia169) #1

I am new to Piwik and testing it out on an internal site. So far I am liking what I see. I have a question:

When you export for example Actions --> Downloads, you only get the single Download URL with the Unique Downloads and Downloads. But, what I really also want is the sub category – the list of all the downloaded files… In my test site all the downloads come from the same Download URL so I can view the sub category of all the downloaded files but I can not seem to export all of those into a csv file. This goes for all Sub categories like that. I am also interested in Actions --> Pages.

Any advice?

(vipsoft) #2

You won’t get it in a single request.

On the first request, get the value returned for idsubdatatable. Add the idSubtable parameter to the second request to Actions.getDownloads.

See also:

(insomnia169) #3

Thanks for the information. Looking through the link I was able to get what I wanted.