Repeat re-archiving for UsersFlow plugin

I’m having an issue with archiving in v4.2.1, where it repeatedly runs archiving across all sites, back for 6 months. The issue seems limited to the UsersFlow plugin.

I’m in the process of upgrading from 3.13.1, and testing the new version - the impetus for upgrading was a “Mysql has gone away” issue caused by lengthy archiving, but this repeat re-archiving behaviour didn’t happen previously. Perhaps related to issue

I was collecting information from verbose logging to report this issue with detail, but then I found that during startup of the container that runs the archiving task, it performs a number of console commands to activate plugins, with UsersFlow being one of them.

I’ve seen that there is a setting so that activation of a plugin triggers re-archiving of (default) 6 months.
Is it possible that re-activating a plugin (that was already active) will trigger the same re-archiving?

After some testing (it takes over 4 days for re-archiving to run), I found that yes - re-activating a plugin on the CLI causes it to trigger re-archiving, even if it is already active. That’s true for the UsersFlow plugin, at least.

Is this deliberate? Or should it not happen?

Hi Mike,

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