Rename Piwik.js and Piwik.php



Can someone please tell me what files I should modify to change the following in the tracking code (I basically want to personalize the tracking code):

  1. rename piwik.js to track.js

  2. rename piwik.php to tracker.php

  3. rename “var piwikTracker” to “var siteTracker”

  4. rename “Piwik.getTracker” to “sTrack.getTracker”

Thank you!


(vipsoft) #2

Use the ‘js/’ proxy instead of piwik.js and piwik.php. Renaming files is not recommended – it leads you off the automatic upgrade path.



So the code should look like the following:

Thank you!


(vipsoft) #4

yes (you’re missing one more in the img tag)


Does the js/ replacement still apply for the image tag?

And what about the other questions from the original post?

  1. rename “var piwikTracker” to “var siteTracker”
  2. rename “Piwik.getTracker” to “sTrack.getTracker”

Could these be renamed, and if so what other files would need to get updated?


Sorry for digging up an old post but I’d also like to know how to rename “_paq” and “piwikTracker” to something else?


(Matthieu Napoli) #7

How about

var myVariable = _paq;